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Christmas Spirit

I stepped off the plane on Friday December 14 and into the open arms of my beautiful family, and my heart broke as I heard the news of all those in Sandy Hook Elementary School who will never again have that opportunity. Their lives were torn from them at the hands of a very sick man, and one of this country’s most devastating mass-shooting took place before our eyes. As we all grieve the loss I can’t help but to note how darkness breeds light; around the world people are offering words of condolences, love and compassion for the suffering families in Connecticut. Everywhere you look, from roadside signs to corporate offices to city corners, an outpouring of support is being offered.

Although this is without a doubt a tragedy that will be remembered forever, I am inspired and hopeful as I watch the reaction of humanity to this event. I’m reminded that this is an incidence of hate, isolated from a world of love. I will try to stray away from making any political statements towards gun control or mental health reform, because I believe these discussions are already taking place in homes and schools and offices in abundance. However I will say that this holiday season I want to cherish the many, many blessings I have, and let my loved ones know just how important they are to my every happiness in life. I hope that this Christmas can be a time for hope in the future, and that we can recognize the aftermath of Sandy Hook as an indication of our beautiful and collective spirit as human beings.

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